Club d'immersion

Club d'immersion

The Club d'immersion organizes social and cultural activities for Immersion, Extended French, and other Francophile students to discover Francophone culture outside the classroom—and improve their French while they're at it! By talking with like-minded students with similar ambitions, club members have opportunities to boost their confidence in oral French, as practice occurs in a non-intimidating and laid-back environment.

Furthermore, the Club is one of the most popular on campus!

The Club d'immersion organizes many events for its members, from small, intimate gatherings to big trips to other cities. Some events from previous years include:

  • Trips to Quebec City for the Carnaval de Québec
  • Movie nights at the Bytowne Cinema, a local theatre that shows French films
  • Trips to Montreal for the Nuit blanche festival, a night-time arts festival
  • French activities on campus (improv games, Semaine de la francophonie, franco-evenings with Francophone bands, midi-découvertes, etc.)
  • Skating on the Rideau Canal
  • Dinner at a cabane à sucre (sugar bush)
  • and, of course "Build your own poutine" night!
How to reach the Club d’immersion

Club d'immersion de l'Université d'Ottawa

The Club d'immersion is made up of the executive committee and the club's members. The members of the executive committee are University of Ottawa students who are elected in April of each year.

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