What to expect during the first weeks



WOOOOO!! Welcome to University! You are mentally prepared for university – and looking forward to it.

FI Mentor Pro-Tip:

This new chapter in your education is starting! It's going to be quite memorable, so carpe diem and enjoy your Welcome Week and don’t forget to come to French Immersion’s information session.



Certain professors talk too quickly or with accents, but don’t worry – you’ll figure everything soon enough.


FI Mentor Pro-Tip:

If you persevere, it will get better. Don’t let one or two classes dissuade you from a course – sometimes the professors who seem difficult at first end up being the best.




The university campus is really big! But give it a week, you will be able to find your way around.

FI Mentor Pro-Tip:

Downloading a campus map right onto your phone to give you some direction on campus. Even the building codes should be on the maps, so you should be good!




Maybe you’ve tried reading some of your textbooks in French… and maybe you’ve thrown them across the room out of frustration. This is very common – and it will go away with time.


FI Mentor Pro-Tip:

Don’t stress! The Mentors have your back with their ‘Lecture efficace’ workshop to give you some useful tips to help you with your readings.




You might feel like your French abilities are subpar compared to your classmates. And that’s a totally normal feeling. But remember, you picked French Immersion for a reason, don’t forget that reason. And know that by sticking in the program, you will be able to improve your French skills.


FI Mentor Pro-Tip:

We all feel anxious about our abilities sometimes. Luckily, we have created a diagnostic page to help you to pinpoint what you’re feeling nervous about and what to do about it!



Course syllabuses are technically worded and can seem very severe. Its really easy to be nervous when you see all the term’s work laid out before you, especially if the professor has made it very thorough. The best way to resolve this feeling is to create a study plan to help you get organized.



FI Mentor Pro-Tip:

SASS (Student Academic Success Service) offers many services to help students manage their stress productively.




‘What did I get myself into?

All of these things can lead to you feeling like maybe French Immersion wasn’t the best choice for you…. Ne lâchez pas!! If you persevere you’ll reap the rewards (like the French Studies Bursary).


FI Mentor Pro-Tip:

Take everything in stride, you don’t have to do all your readings in one night. Sometimes mental breaks can be beneficial and provide some much needed clarity.

You can always come to the French Immersion Mentor Centre to talk to a mentor.
Hamelin Hall, room 135.


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