How to enroll for Immersion courses

In order to enroll, you will need to carefully read the list of Immersion courses. Use this list to find the course code of your regular content course taught in French and its corresponding language course.

  1. Pick a course offered with an immersion option from the main list. Be sure to enroll in the correct section (for example section A, B, etc.) of the content course, because not all sections have an accompanying language course. You can find this information on the Immersion course list.
  2. Next, enroll in the accompanying language course. It, too, will have a specific section. You must enroll in the language course you are eligible for, either FLS 2581 or FLS 3581. Refer to the results of your Immersion admissions test, or the email from us if you provided a DELF as proof of language proficiency, to determine which one to take.

For example, referring to the list of Immersion courses for the Fall 2018 term, we see that ECO 1504-C00 (Introduction à la microéconomie) is offered with an accompanying language course, but not ECO 1504-B00. Furthermore, FLS 2581-E500 and FLS 2581-E600 are both offered as accompanying language courses. To take the Immersion course, you must enroll in ECO 1504-C00, and then enroll in one of the accompanying FLS sections.

Remember to enroll in the language course level (either 2581 or 3581) you are eligible for.

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