Regular courses taught in French

Regular Courses

To find a course in French, add 400 to the course code. For example, if you are looking to take the French equivalent of PHI 1101 (Reasoning and Critical Thinking), add 400 and enrol in French-language course PHI 1501 (Raisonnement et pensée critique).

At uOttawa, nearly every course is offered in both French and English. These courses have bilingual equivalence, so you may take some of your program courses in one language and some in the other while still meeting all your prerequisites. For example, if you take POL 1101 (an English course), this counts equally as the prerequisite for POL 2101 and POL 2501 (the English and French language versions of the same course—note the difference of 400 between them). This means that you may switch between English and French classes as you climb the course ladder for your program. C'est le bilinguisme, ça!

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