Marjorie Wesch Bursary Recipients

On March 20th, Journée internationale de la francophonie, the French Immersion Studies granted the Marjorie Wesche award to two immersion students, Hannah Cummings and Lucas Cherkewski.

Marjorie Wesche was the director of the Second Language Institute at the University of Ottawa when the helper courses were created, which are one of the foundations of the French Immersion Studies. We wish to acknowledge the impact that Mrs. Wesche had on immersion at the university level in Canada by granting an award in her name to two students who pursue their studies in the French Immersion Studies at the University of Ottawa.

Hannah Cummings is a second-year student in Health Sciences; Lucas Cherkewski is a second-year student in Social Sciences – History and Political Science. They both succeeded in 3 helper courses as well as in 6 courses taken in French in their respective field of study. They both received a $500 award.

The awards were handed to the recipients during an event organized by the Collège des Chaires de la francophonie canadienne and the Département de français to celebrate the Journée internationale de la francophonie during which the guest speaker, author Kim Thùy, gave a talk entitled “Le français, ma langue d’amour”.

Congratulations to the recipients!

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