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French Immersion Stream

The University of Ottawa French Immersion Stream is designed for Anglophone and Allophone students who wish to pursue part of their university studies in French. 

How to Apply / Eligibility

French Immersion Stream is designed for students who have attended high school in a language other than French, but who, while in high school, have followed a French-as-a-second-language program.

Steps to enroll in French Immersion Stream:


Choose a program that offers French immersion (see list of programs). Apply to your program via the Ontario Universities Application Centre. Be sure to select the French immersion option on the program details screen.


Take the Immersion Admission Test - an online comprehension (oral and written) and writing test.



Submit a DELF B1 or B2.

(This option is available for Canadian students only.)



Once you have accepted  an offer of admission, you must complete the Writing and and speaking assessment.


Contact an immersion mentor to help you select courses in French and build an immersion study plan in accordance with the results of your admission test, your program requirements, and your personal ambitions.


Applying from another university or college

Students applying to transfer from another university are welcomed at uOttawa. To receive a University of Ottawa degree, you must complete 50% of your diploma requirements here: see Canadian university transfers.


Applying from uOttawa

If you are already a student at uOttawa, you may still enrol in French Immersion Stream and complete your program with a French Immersion designation on your diploma. You will have to meet with a French Immersion Stream staff member.


International students

International students applying to French immersion must meet the same admission requirements as Canadian students.

To get information about studying at uOttawa, we advise you first contact the International Office.

To get information about university fees for international students enrolled in program of study with the French Immersion option: Differential tuition fee exemption.

Immersion Admission Test

The Immersion Admission Test is an online proficiency test. It measures how well you understand oral and written French.

You must pass this test to be eligible for French Immersion Stream. The test also guides us in recommending appropriate French-as-a-second-language courses, in line with your competencies in French comprehension.

Before you take the test, we encourage you to spend some time immersing yourself in French: reading French books, watching TV or listening to the radio in French.

After you have completed the test, you will be able to immediately view your results.

Click here to have access to the test: uOlangTest Portal.

(This test is administered by the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute.)


If you are eligible for French Immersion

Once you have successfully passed the test and have accepted an offer of admission to uOttawa, you will be sent an email prompting you to take the mandatory Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment. The results of this evaluation will complete your linguistic profile; that is your proficiency level in listening, reading, writing and speaking. Based on your linguistic profile, you will receive course recommendations that will help you to continue develop your French skills.

If you are not eligible for French Immersion

If you do not successfully pass the Immersion Admission Test, the French Immersion option will be removed from your profile of study. This will not affect your admission to your regular program at uOttawa.

But don't worry! You can still continue to learn French by:

You may also retake the Immersion Admission Test, but you must wait two months between attempts. If you receive the test result required to be admissible before September, you may contact French Immersion to reinstate the French immersion option.

Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment

Once you have successfully passed the Immersion Admission Test, you must have your French writing and speaking skills assessed, before course enrollment, by writing the mandatory Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment.

Your results to this assessment do not affect your admission into your program of study at uOttawa. They help us in recommending French-as-a-second-language courses aligned with your competencies in writing and speaking in French.

Please note that you need to request access to this evaluation, and students who have accepted their offer of admission will be granted access.

Your results will be shared with you within 5 business days of you writing the evaluation.

To take note of the process and to gain access to the evaluation: uOlangTest Portal.

(This evaluation is administered by the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute.)


If you have a DELF B1 or B2, you may be exempt from the requirement to pass the Immersion Admission Test and the Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment.

To submit your DELF, scan both sides of the document and send it by email to immersion@uOttawa.ca. Be sure to include your student number, if you have one, and your full name.

(This option is available for Canadian students only.)

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