To register in French Immersion Studies, you must:

  • have studied French as a Second Language (Core, Extended, Immersion, home school, etc.)
  • register in a program that offers French immersion (view a list of programs)
  • pass the Immersion Admission Test (an online listening, reading, and writing test) AND the Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment or hold a DELF level B1 or higher.

If you do not meet the requirements for French Immersion when you are admitted to the university, you may still register at any future point in your studies. You must still meet the above conditions to be admitted. Contact us to learn more.



The Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) is an international standardized test for determining your French proficiency, which many school boards now administer to their students. If you possess a DELF B1 or higher, you may be exempt from the requirement to pass the Immersion Admission Test and the Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment.

To submit your DELF, scan both sides of the document and send it by email to immersion@uOttawa.ca. Be sure to include your student number, if you have one, and your full name.

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