Immersion Admissions Test

The Immersion Admissions Test is an online French proficiency test, which measures how well you understand oral and written French. You must pass this test to be admissible to French Immersion Studies.

The test may be taken before or after you apply to uOttawa. We strongly encourage you to take it as soon as possible, preferably while you are still in school and using French on a daily basis.

The test takes no more than 90 minutes and involves listening to audio files, so make sure you are settled in a quiet place and that your computer has speakers or headphones. Before you take the test, we encourage you to spend some time immersing yourself in French: reading French books, watching TV or listening to the radio in French. These are all great ways pour s'intégrer à un milieu francophone, and brush up on your French skills.

After you have completed the test, you will be able to immediately view your results.

You may take a practice test before you take the Immersion Admissions Test. The practice test, found in the uOlangTest system, gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the testing environment and to see the types of tasks you will be asked to complete.

If you hold a DELF B1 Diploma or higher, you do not have to take the Immersion Admissions Test. Please email a scanned copy of both sides of your diploma to, also include your student number if you have one, and your full name.

Click here to take the test

If you are admissible to French Immersion

Once you have successfully passed the test and have accepted an offer of admission to uOttawa, you will be sent an email prompting you to take the mandatory Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment. The results of this evaluation will complete your linguistic profile; that is your proficiency level in listening, reading, writing and speaking. Based on your linguistic profile, you will receive course recommendations that will help you to continue develop your French skills.

Please contact  if you are unable to access the Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment.

If you are not admissible to French Immersion

If you do not successfully pass this Immersion Admissions Test, the French Immersion option will be removed from your profile of study. This will not affect your admission to your regular program at uOttawa.

But don't worry! You can still continue learning French by:

You may also retake the Immersion Admissions Test, but you must wait two months between attempts. If you receive the test result required to be admissible before September, you may contact French Immersion to reinstate the French immersion option. You may also take FLS courses in your first year with the goal of registering the following term.


The Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) is an international standardized test for determining your French proficiency, which many school boards now administer to their students. If you possess a DELF B1 or higher, you may be exempt from the requirement to pass the Immersion Admission Test and the Immersion Writing and Speaking Assessment.

To submit your DELF, scan both sides of the document and send it by email to Be sure to include your student number, if you have one, and your full name.

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